This process is technically referred to as Sintering, a manufacturing process that has been around for 100’s of years. The sintering process uses extreme heat and pressure to bond a material together without melting it with the resulting product being much stronger than the individual parts.

In the case of Porcelain Slabs or Sintered Stone offered by Porcelain Plus, the use of 100% natural materials found from our earth. The bulk of the composition is various forms of Clay, Feldspar other natural minerals.

We see sintering process in industry and nature, and the easiest way to visualise how it works is to imagine taking a handful of snow and compacting it into a snowball.

When making slabs of Sintered Stone, the raw materials are compacted under extreme pressure of up to 5800 PSI. Baked at a temperature of 1,200ºC, creating a slab that is incredibly strong and versatile.

We at Porcelain Plus know Sintered Stone is full of benefits which make it one of the best materials you can buy for your home or commercial environments. Bench tops, floors, walls, façades, tiling, furniture. Limitless possibilities only limited by you and your imagination. Comparing Sintered Stone with Granite and Quartz , Granite has a higher heat resistance than quartz but is porous so requires sealing, whereas Quartz has a high stain resistance but a lower heat resistance as the resin can scorch.

Sintered stone has the benefits of both Granite and Quartz without the negatives. Its main properties are:

Waterproof – All Slabs offered by Porcelain Plus have a <0.5% moisture absorbtion score. Ascale Slabs go one better and guarantee a verified at 0.08% moisture absorption. No sealing is required nor necessary with Sintered Stone slabs offered by Porcelain Plus.

High & Low Temperature Resistance – Non-combustible and Fireproof; resistant to frost and freezing temperature, making an ideal outdoor surface.

Antibacterial: Bacteria and Fungus are unable to proliferate, enabling a food safe surface. Making Sintered Stone one of the most hygienic products on the market.

UV Stable: Due to its 100% natural mineral composition, the surface is UV stable over time.

Easy to Clean: Being non-porous Sintered Stone is highly resistant to staining, a microfiber and water is often all that is required.

Scratch Resistant: Is it 100% resistant? Nothing is, but it’s as close as you can get with a surface. Matt or Soft Matt finish is the most resistant vs Polished. Be cautious with Ceramic knives, irrespective of the finish they can scratch. Steel knives.. no problem, if a mark is left.. that is the transfer of steel not a scratch.

Slab size is 3200mm x 1600mm. 5.12 sq M. Thickness: 6mm ideal for splash backs, furniture and interior wall cladding. 12mm ideal for bench tops, both kitchen and bathroom. Exterior facades and Cladding

Porcelain Plus’ Spanish Slab, Ascale by TAU. 70% of the materials used are re-used. 67% of the energy used is certified Green Energy. 87% of water use is recovered and re-used. These figures have been declared and certified by EPD International.

The International EPD® System is a global program for environmental declarations. Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) present transparent, verified and comparable information about the life-cycle environmental impact of products manufactured by Ascale by TAU

At Porcelain Plus, we have the following finishes available in both 6mm & 12mm:

Matt, Soft Matt (honed) and Polished.

Full Slabs are available for viewing at our Victorian Factory by appointment.

Public Safety is our #1 priority and is guided by Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004: code of conduct must be adhered to in our Factory.

Please e-mail or call to book a showroom tour.

Sure can. Book a showroom tour now.

Samples available in all colours – 12mm: 200mm x 200mm and 6mm: 145mmx70mm


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