Patagonia Gold

ASCALE – NEW 2024 Inspired by the majesty of the Patagonian region, Patagonia Gold encapsulates the essence of beauty and authenticity. This model stands out for its marked golden crystallizations that make it shine and add a touch of luxury and distinction to your spaces. Patagonia Gold is a statement of elegance and style. With […]

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Etna Black

ASCALE – NEW 2024 Etna Black Inspired by the volcanic stones of southern Italy. Its graphic variation is uniform and random with clear wear in different parts of the pieces, we also find some marked veins at the ends of the surface. An elegant series with a lot of personality to give spaces a distinctive

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Onice White

ASCALE – NEW 2024 Onice White The delicate grain and splendor of Onice make it the perfect choice for spaces of luxury and sophistication. A translucent piece with different points of light that highlight its color. Inspired by onyx stone, Onice White stands out for its light background capable of fitting in with any decorating style. Its

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Crystal White

ASCALE NEW 2024 Crystal White is the reproduction of the crystal effect with an outstanding indirect light. Inspired by marble, this piece reinterprets this model with the best performance of porcelain slabs. It is ideal for sophisticated and elegant spaces. Available in 12mm Matt

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Laurent Black

ASCALE – MARBLES If you like black marbles but you are looking for a more transgressive product, the Laurent Black model is your ideal piece. We are talking about one of the most avant-garde and daring black marbles of recent years. Its dark graphic contrasted with multiple orange veins captures people’s  attention instantly. Interior designers and decorators, always

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Varese Onice

ASCALE – MARBLES White Onyx is a type of chalcedony from the quartz family that can be found in black and white. ONIX natural stone is a very delicate material, but we offer the White Onyx look along with the performance and resistance of a large format slab. Of volcanic formation, this mineral is mostly found in

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Urban White

ascale – stones Urban White is a stone limestone of Portuguese origin known for its strength and versatility that allows it to be used in almost any type of application. With a cream background and a fine, homogeneous grain, the piece is frequently found in both interiors and exteriors. Available in thicknesses of: 6 /

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Taj Mahal Almond

ASCALE – MARBLES This majestic marble is inspired by the materials used for one of the eight Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal in India. The patterns on its surface are reminiscent of the finishes to be found on precious stones and is perfect for providing a sense of luxury to any project or space. Available

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Moon Black

ASCALE Moon Black is made from rock of volcanic origin with a dark background and slight movements in lighter colours that enrich the aesthetic design. It is the perfect product for creating sober and elegant spaces. It is highly sought-after by architects and interior designers for creating timeless spaces.  Available in thickness of: 12 mm.  Finish:

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Labradorite Royal Blue

ASCALE-marbles Labradorite is a feldspar mineral found in Canada and Finland. It is reminiscent of exclusive gems and precious stones. The intense appearance stems from dark blue backgrounds with brown veining to provide a rich aesthetic and design quality. Available in thickness of:  12 mm Polished finish Previous Next

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