Palomastone Linen 2


Palomastone Linen

Paloma stone is a porous limestone originally from the south of Spain. Its greatest virtue is its pure white color which makes it a unique piece in the world. The quarries where it is found are currently facing depletion but, thanks to our technology, we’ll be able to enjoy this stone for many centuries to come.

At ASCALE we sought a linen tone that would bring more warmth to different types of spaces.

Paloma stone is an international reference. Many luxury brands have decided to use this material to cover and decorate their exclusive and luxurious shops.

 MATT | 6mm / 12mm / 20mm

PANEL SIZE 3200 X 1600mm

Technical Data

Made In Europe
High Resistance
Cut Resistance
UV Resistance
100% Natural
Large Format
High Temperature Resistance
Low Temperature Resistance
Cut Resistance
Low Temperature Resistance
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