Imperia Black


Imperia Black

A basaltine rock of volcanic origin created from rapidly cooled lava. This stone offers a salt and pepper effect which is ideal for functional work surfaces.

Because of the excellent technical properties, Imperia Black is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The dark finish can bring any space a bit of sobriety.

This product is in great demand by architects and interior designers due to the continuity of each piece and because it’s a calm, elegant and quiet stone. Essentially a single color, it still features the nuances of natural stone.

UNIQUE DESIGN | MATT | 6mm / 12mm

PANEL SIZE 3200 X 1600mm

Technical Data

Made In Europe
High Resistance
Cut Resistance
UV Resistance
100% Natural
Large Format
High Temperature Resistance
Low Temperature Resistance
Cut Resistance
Low Temperature Resistance
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